COVID 19 Announcement

Hello, all.  Dr. Noah here. Whether you have pain, or just difficulty performing integral tasks of your life, we can get you moving and feeling better, without increased COVID-19 risk. Call us at 520.296.8513 and ask to speak to a PT now!

What We are Doing to Address COVID-19

  1. APM has undergone a review from Arc Point and every employee has COVID Free
  2. We are sanitizing above and beyond our normal standards to keep the office as clean as possible from an infection standpoint.
  3. All Rooms have are given a second clean after a patient has used the space, as well as all common spaces which include lobby, front desk, door knobs, etc
  4. All persons who enter the space have their temperature taken, and have to fill out the CDC questionnaire to determine if they may be a risk to our health, or the health of other patients. If someone is deemed a potential risk we are helping them get situated with their PCP or with one of our other colleagues in the primary care community.


What You Can Do! 

As we are all more active at home and/or outside, and not in the gym, we are likely using unique items for exercise.  Sometimes we put on a pair of shoes, take a few steps and determine that these new sweet kicks are causing pain.  What do we do?  We change shoes. This is the easy source of pain to detect. But, what happens if this detection is not as obvious?

Most of you have seen one of our Doctors of physical therapy in the office.  What you have likely learned, and if not, I am going to tell you here, is that pain in your arm, is not always arm pain.  You can deduce what I am going to say next, right?  Pain in your leg is not always leg pain.  At APM, we will figure out what the source of your pain actually is, and most importantly, build strategies to correct it.

During these unique and challenging times a lot of people are just sitting with pain, because they don’t want to risk infecting others, as well as minimize risk of getting infected themselves. We can help with any ailment; head, jaw, headache, neck, shoulder, arm, upper back, lower back, mid back, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot, and everything in-between.

Now Offering Telehealth! 

We now have the ability to do telehealth consultations and give advice via the internet and phone to determine if you need to come into the office, of if we can simply give you advice and exercises to do.  This is touch free, contact free and will allow you to stay safe, without being in pain.

Understand your Pain

You know us.  We will do whatever we can to help you understand your pain, to help you get out of pain.  An important note.  This is also true if you are not having pain, but cannot do certain tasks.  We need to make sure you are safe washing your hair in the shower, getting dishes out of your dishwasher, or simply going for a walk or trying a new exercise.

We are YOUR physical therapists.