Occupational Athletes – Preventing and Treating Injuries

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Occupational Athletes – Preventing and Treating Injuries

Occupational Athletes – Preventing and Treating Injuries

Occupational athletes. Using the term occupational athletes implies that our discussion today is about people who play pro sports. It is not – at least not for the purposes of this article.

Think, for a moment, about the work you do every day. Then consider this: did you have to pass a physical agility or endurance test to get hired? You know who you are.

This article is for anyone who can answer ‘yes’ to the above question. We will talk about other types of occupations and those physical therapy needs in a later post.

First Responder Injury Rates

For now, if you are one of the thousands of people who need to regularly engage in physically strenuous activity within the framework of your employment, you should know that we are keenly aware of the challenges it holds for you. A study done in 2010 indicated that sprains and strains accounted for up to 41% of injuries in firefighters and were responsible for 8.5 per 100 injuries in full time police officers at the time of the survey.

Imagine that you can’t run into that burning structure because your knees just won’t cooperate. Think about not being able to back up your team because your stiff painful shoulder won’t allow you to scale that backyard fence. You’re trying to secure a patient on that stretcher, but you can’t reach across it.

In the emergency response industry, your physical ability is unquestionably tied to your job performance. An injury can sideline you when your team needs you the most. We can help.

What To Do?

We will treat you after your injury to get you back to your best possible condition. What you may not know is that we can also offer you a program that could minimize the risk of injury down the road. Your career is worth it.You’re worth it.  Call, come in and talk with us or visit our maintenance program page especially for you. Take charge of your health.



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