Patient Survey

Joseph B.

When I hurt my back at the gym I found that 10 on the pain scale was way higher than I imagined. After a few days, I came to see Noah. He did an evaluation and came up with a recovery plan. I was feeling better after the first visit.

Justin G.

I was having lower back and hip issues before I came in to APM. I would experience pain after short drives in the car and would experience intense pain during some workouts. After a few sessions of dry needling and various stretches and exercises, I no longer experience pain. Thank you!

Kristen K.

Wonderful! Everyone here is so knowledgeable and helped with my back and knee. I can run and jump and it is all because of Kara and the awesome team. Thank you so much ❤️

Mary J.

Noah and his staff worked with me both before and after my recent lumbar fusion. Always very knowledgeable and very professional, they are also caring, encouraging, and fun to work with.

Mary M.

I came to Noah and company due to lower back pain from a deadlift gone wrong. Once I got over my own stupidity and actually did what they suggested, the pain went away (shocker!) Thanks everyone for helping me!

Tidi O.

Thank you for your care. I feel much better compared to the time I came here for the first time. The original reason for me to come in was pain in my psoas, which is gone as of now. My lower back feels better than before, as does my right ankle. Thank you very much to all of you!

Isham M.

I was involved in a car accident and had trouble sitting or laying down due to back pain. After PT, I no longer feel any pain. Noah and his team did a good job fixing me up. Thank you.

Greg D.

I came in with upper back pain + within 2 weeks pain was gone and back to normal. Noah + staff are great.

Gail G.

I am a physical therapist and I spent months after a significant back injury trying to deal with my pain – I was hesitant to trust another PT to assist me but I knew I needed help to address my back pain. Noah was a savior – he is a skilled manual PT and his “can-do” spirit kept me motivated and I am happy to say I am much better thanks to his help and help from the staff.

Frank R.

Before coming to APM, I had pain in my lower back and left side of my neck. With controlled electrified shock and specific exercises, I was able to improve my mobility, as my pain diminished in both areas.

Danielle H.

After 8+ months of pain in my glutes and back, and not being able to squat/deadlift at all, I was feeling helpless and about to give up. After ONE week of therapy, I felt like a different person and can squat again! I got drastically better with every visit and can finally do the things I love again. I could not be happier with my results and the love and support I received here!

Christie T.

During the height, my lower back would spasm. With the exercises and therapy they provided, I can now move without pain! Thank you APM!

Chris K.

After my car accident, I had upper back and neck pains. The neck pains caused a lot of sleepless nights. Thanks to the APM staff and Noah’s magic hands caressing my body, my back/neck feels much better and I am able to sleep soundly.

Cathy O.

After several years of lumbar epidural is for degenerative discs in my lower back, it went into sciatica. So I called APM to see if they could help me. This was the best decision! Not only was I able to go on all of my trips pain-free, I am back to my morning walks in Sabino Canyon.

Carole K.

I have chronic neck, shoulder, and low back pain for as long as I can remember in adulthood. I have found the staff here to all be extremely friendly & knowledgeable, and my pain is now returned to its pre-injury level. The pain was so bad before PT that it affected all activity levels. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing their skills.

Anna M.

Knee replacement. Able to move much better – not so much pain. Back much better. I am walking and bending so much better. Everyone here is so wonderful, this has helped me feel better. Great to be around people who are happy. It rubs off! Thanks to each one of you. God bless.

Alicia B.

After my very first visit, I noticed positive changes and with consistent visits I was able to get back to normal. I can sleep in my own bed and walk my awesome dog again. I can’t say enough positive things about EVERYONE here.

Abrianna O.

I was rear-ended, and after my back hurt so bad I couldn’t do basic activities at home or work. After the help of all the amazing people here I’m back to my normal and “too flexible” life.


I have worked as a Registered Nurse for about 15 years now and am extremely aware of how important body mechanics are when performing as a nurse. However, no matter how cautious you are, 15 years of nursing does cause some wear and tear on the body. He in the past year has given me back a sense of control.


It’s difficult to describe the gift Noah’s care has given me, but he has put me on the path to healing and my pain is gone, my function on my left side is coming back. I recommend Noah’s service and knowledge without reservation; he not only is great at his profession but is caring and intelligent in his approach.

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