Patient Testimonials

  • I can’t be more grateful for the commitment that I have received from Dr. Noah Abrahams and his team at Applied Physical Medicine. After my motor vehicle accident, I had limited range of motion in my neck which prevented me from doing anything on my left side. After visits with Noah and fabulous communication, we’ve made huge improvements. Now I’m back to moving around which keeps me free from feeling depressed due to lack of activity. The exercises that I’ve learned allow me to continue to work at home on the impacted areas to keep them strong.

    James B.

  • Jodi Codero

    I had been to three doctors, had multiple x-rays, scans, and tests, and no one knew where the pain was from. I came to see Noah, my last stop before noninvasive surgery to investigate, and in SEVEN minutes he knew what was wrong. SEVEN MINUTES! And no surgery! So here I am 18 visits later and I can sleep on my hip. Touch it. And have more total strength than I’ve had in a long time. And it wasn’t only Noah who made me stronger – Yolanda, Matt, Dan, Lalo, Angela, Derrick, Lee, & Chris – All helped me get better. Thank you!

    Jodi C.

  • Joseph B.

    When I hurt my back at the gym I found that 10 on the pain scale was way higher than I imagined. After a few days, I came to see Noah. He did an evaluation and came up with a recovery plan. I was feeling better after the first visit. After two short weeks, I am back to my normal routine. I can wipe, put on underwear and tie my shoes! Thank you, APM!

    Joseph B.

  • Everyone is very helpful and friendly. I received heat & electric treatments, massage and exercises. I am able to walk further without my knee aching and can stand longer in the kitchen without pain. I always tell people where I go for therapy and how much I learned to handle my problems.

    Joyce B.

  • When I first arrived, I was having pain in my hip, leg, ankle, and foot. I was having a difficult time walking long distances (exercise/2 miles). Sitting for long periods of time was very uncomfortable. In a manner of weeks I had gained more mobility, less pain, and less discomfort. The exercises were making such a difference in my life that I was able to do more daily activities with ease. The entire staff makes you feel comfortable and worthy, and they all care about your well-being. I feel blessed with the accomplishments I have made since being a patient at this facility.

    Julie B.

  • Justin Eagen

    After a motorcycle accident, 20 years of shoulder dislocations, and three surgeries, Noah, Matt and company have made me feel like a normal human for the first time in 20 years. For the first time that I can remember, I can use my left arm and shoulder with no fear of it popping out of socket again. Because of this, I have been able to go back to one of my hobbies and loves… Dancing! Thank you to Noah, Matt, and crew for everything you have done and making me feel like a normal human again.

    Justin E.

  • I was having lower back and hip issues before I came in to APM. I would experience pain after short drives in the car and would experience intense pain during some workouts. After a few sessions of dry needling and various stretches and exercises, I no longer experience pain. Thank you!

    Justin G.

  • Noah, Dan, Larry, Derrick, Lalo, etc…. everyone is such a pleasure to talk to. Everyone takes care of me with such gentleness. They all welcome to me like one of their own. I look forward to coming back. I won’t go anywhere else. Noah and all the staff are a dream.

    Keith S.

  • Kerrie Green

    I came to a PM with knee pain. I had pain was squatting and it slowed me down w/ my regular powerlifting training. Noah help me identify that the issue was originating from a foot injury. I’m back to full workouts and I’m peaking for a powerlifting meet later this month. #ComeBackKid

    Kerrie G.

  • Kristen Knoche

    Wonderful! Everyone here is so knowledgeable and helped with my back and knee. I can run and jump and it is all because of Kara and the awesome team. Thank you so much ❤️

    Kristen K.

  • Maker

    Oh my gosh! My knee was unable to move & bend. I was in such pain constantly. With only three weeks of PT I feel confident and happy that I can resume my life with freedom of movement and freedom from pain. Staff is so helpful and friendly and encouraging. I will be able to continue the exercises on my own now. Thank you, Noah & Yolanda & all the staff. You are life savers!

    Kristine M.

  • L A Manalo

    I crashed hard mountain biking more than a month ago. I could barely walk properly much less participate in sports that I love. Physical therapy has got me back up and running in no time. I can now run a little bit and ride my bike harder than a few weeks ago and that is what matters to me.

    L A M.

  • I could not use my left arm or hand without radiating pain in my neck and leg – two weeks of therapy fixed the problem.

    Lila Kay W.

  • Thanks for all the help, I am much more confident now. I can safely check behind me while driving! No more driving into the blind spot! My neck and shoulder have responded well to physical therapy at Applied Physical Medicine. -Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

  • Lorna Davis

    I had excruciating pain down my left leg. I could barely walk or sleep. Now I have none of the symptoms. I am functional and can carry up chores and I feel I am living a normal life.

    It is great to have my body back and doing my usual chores and activities. I have my life back. God bless all of you great people. What a blessing you have been.

    Lorna D.

  • I started with vertigo, because of my dizzy problem I fell and ended up with a L2 compressed fracture!

    This physical therapy helped me tremendously with all my issues. Here they do work as a team! Extremely great with patients, they give you personal attention. The team is great. I receive balance treatment and strengthen my back and my hip.

    The best team ever. Special Thank You to Lalo, Noah, Yolanda, and Sarah! The office team is always friendly!

    Lydia N.

  • I came to APM because of a new pain in my shoulder. Before my first appointment, and old low back pain returned! Noah & his team work great. They worked through both problems with manual therapy, stretching, and strength exercises. Safe progression was of high importance, with close monitoring of activity, and education. Therapy enabled me to continue my training routine with kettlebells and barbells. Great people – friendly, caring, and helpful.

    Marie T.

  • Marlene Patterson

    Coming here has helped me a great deal. I could not reach with my left arm or lift. It was almost frozen. Now I can reach much better and lift light items and my pain level is much less. Everyone is pleasant and professional. I highly recommend APM – Tygiel Physical Therapy.

    Marlene P.

  • Noah and his staff worked with me both before and after my recent lumbar fusion. Always very knowledgeable and very professional, they are also caring, encouraging, and fun to work with.

    They are flexible and able to suggest alternative exercises when the first approach is uncomfortable or doesn’t help.
    I continue to do the exercises that Noah and his staff recommended and receive massages regularly from Lyla to help keep me limber and pain free.

    Mary J.

  • Mary Miller

    I came to Noah and company due to lower back pain from a deadlift gone wrong. Once I got over my own stupidity and actually did what they suggested, the pain went away (shocker!)

    If you start coming long enough, you don’t want to leave because a) you get your own theme song from Noah, b) the staff is amazing, c) you get roped into buying coffee for Noah, d) The pain goes away. Thanks everyone for helping me!

    Mary M.

  • I suffered from BPPV (vertigo) for 3 weeks and was unable to work. Finally got into see my ear/nose/throat specialist — quickly diagnosed as BPPV left ear. APM squeezed me into their schedule the next day and after two runs through the epley maneuver – the spinning stopped. Thank you Noah & APM.

    Mathew R.

  • Mel Gastellum

    I injured my left shoulder doing ring muscle-ups. After PT my range of motion increased and pain is almost gone. Ready to start kipping again! Thank You Noah + Staff!

    Mel G.

  • Thanks to Noah, Yolanda, Matt, Dan, Lalo, & Larry, I can now enjoy professional LARPing like I used to. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to Magic Missile or Thunderbolt like I had. 😀 In all seriousness, these guys & gals helped me recover from being rear-ended and I couldn’t be more thankful. You guys ROCK!

    Michael M.

  • Rad Fisher

    Noah and his staff treated me for vertigo. I really like Noah – but don’t tell him I said so. All the staff are wonderful and caring. Noah picked up on the fact that I was not very steady – so we have been working on that and I am much improved. Thanks to Yolanda and Noah.

    Radford F.

  • Randy Sooter

    I was referred to Noah after having lower leg pain from being old. After a few appointments my pain started to improve. I am finally able to walk around the block without pain. I highly recommend Noah and his staff, they are professional, caring, and laid-back… I think it would be fun to hang out in the office w/ them!

    Randy S.

  • Regina Gardner

    This place and staff was awesome. Four months and I have improved – couldn’t squat or do lunges… Now getting easier. Hate to be done. Going to miss Angela, Yolanda, Dan, Larry, Geraldo, and Noah. Thanks for your help.

    Regina G.

  • Rhonda Stone

    When I finally conceded to myself that I needed PT I was directed to Applied Physical Medicine and to get Noah. He is great. However, he went on a long vacation and Cara became my PT. Yolanda also sent me once. I remained with Cara and I was getting healthier and without pain. The staff know I hired is very professional, CARING, fun and encouraging. I am truly grateful to the following people: Noah, Kara, Leigh, Kris, Lo, Lyla, Larry, Angela, Derrick, Dan, Yolanda, and anyone else who worked with me. Everyone works in a cooperative way. What a fantastic experience to go from excruciating pain 290% back to myself. Thanks!

    Rhonda S.

  • Rhonda Stone

    First of all, I want to thank each and everyone here at APM/Tygiel for working with me and getting me well again. When I first came here I was in so much pain that every time I had to get up from my chair I cried. I might look like a million dollars, but this 80-year-old feels like a million dollars!! It is amazing what a group of people that work together can make such a difference! Thank you all. No pain.

    Rita D.

  • I can’t tell you how much this has helped me, just in my general well being. I am more limber and have more energy. I just feel healthier. None of my functions were keeping me from doing whatever I wanted to do, but my ease of motion is much better, too.

    Thank you Noah, Lalo, Matt, Dan, and Yolanda. You were great! So was Lee!

    Sally G.

  • Sanford Selznik

    For all these weeks I’ve been getting therapized here with the good folks at APM – Tygiel Physical Therapy “The pain“ you ask? Oh, there’s pain. Not physical pain. That’s gone now. What’s filling the dark void is emotional pain. Saying goodbye to the his wonderful caring people. They will be missed!

    Sanford S.

  • My experience with Cara and staff has gone beyond expectations! Prior to coming in, I had recurrent headaches, neck and low back pain. With the help of Cara and staff I am headache and pain free. 🙂 I can head out for a long ride or run and return home without worrying about having a headache/pain for the rest of my day.

    Sarah S.

  • I went to urgent care my foot hurt so bad I was in tears. I came to APM. Now I can go for walks again. I work 50 to 60 hrs a week. I can’t believe how I have NO pain now.

    Thanks to the whole team.

    You’re the best.

    Shriley H.

  • Shirley Poage

    The first time I came in I felt very comfortable. There were several exercises that felt strange like lunges and standing on something soft and tapping a stool. I was told that Noah did the hiring. He should go into business for other offices. I got to know almost everyone that works here and felt as if I had met new friends. The exercises were explained very well and they were there constantly to keep me safe. Lee started the visit just the way I like. I would recommend this place to everyone.

    Shirley P.

  • Sondra Davis

    Well, well, I had trouble raising my arm up after surgery now I can! Yahoo! Great place to get help and staff is friendly – they make it fun too! Thanks to all involved, I appreciate all your help. Going to miss Dan calling me! : ) Lalo you’re great, enjoyed talking to you and Yolanda was wonderful. Noah you have a wonderful staff working for you. Keep it up and best wishes.

    Sondra D.

  • Susan Yamamura

    I have been diagnosed with hypermobility type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) by Dr. Eric Gall about 25 years ago. Fortunately for me, the entire staff at APM is very knowledgeable about hEDS. The pain in my right hip and right thumb, typical in hEDS I am told, had increased over about 2-3 years. My abilities to drive the car and use the potter’s wheel and socialize with friends were becoming more and more restricted as well as my ability to do light housekeeping, cooking, and self care. My overall core strength and mobility were declining.


    After taking Applied Physical Medicine treatments three times weekly for approximately two months, I am delighted to be able to drive the car with ease and create tall (12”) clay vessels on the potter’s wheel. The outstanding team of remarkably skilled and caring professionals under the direction of Dr. Noah Abrahams has helped me to continue driving into participate in pottery which is been a dominant interest for me for the last 20 years. I am 78 years old and the ability to participate in Clay and other art interests is essential to my mental and emotional well-being. I cannot think of the good people at applied at physical medicine enough for making it possible for me to continue activity is very important to me and to allow me to live alone and independently in my own home.

    Susan Y.

  • Thank you for your care. I feel much better compared to the time I came here for the first time. The atmosphere in the office is wonderful. The staff took good care of me and followed Noah‘s instructions, and the results reflect the efforts done by the team. The original reason for me to come in was pain in my psoas, which is gone as of now. My lower back feels better than before, as does my right ankle. Thank you very much to all of you!

    Tidi O.

  • Velva Darr

    Been here in ‘94 for hip problem. Then when I got pain in the back of my legs (when I walked, sit) I told the doctor I wanted to come back to APM. They did so good for my hip. I also had a problem with my right shoulder, and it’s getting some better too. What I like the most here is the staff. They are so cheerful and make you laugh. They make you feel like their family and your best friend.

    Velva D.

  • Walter Thomas

    Was experiencing increasing loss of upward right shoulder motion. Having successfully recovered from a similar problem with APMs help, I was hopeful that I could get back into PT and get some relief to my shoulder problem. All those who worked with me were knowledgeable and patient with me and my shoulder is indeed better.

    Walter T.

  • I am feeling so much better with my back, neck, wrists, and hands. When I first came it was very painful to do many tasks with my hand and was wearing wrist braces, but now I have no pain and have full mobility again. I feel confident in being able to do new stretches when I feel sore to help alleviate/prevent symptoms.

    Yessica F.

  • I twisted my right knee and could not walk on it. Since I have gone for PT for 2 months 3x a week I am able to walk and also kneel on that knee and I could not do that before. So it really has helped me get back to all my normal activities. I do recommend PT as it has really helped me.

    Joan C.

  • I came to APM in excruciating pain. I left after the first visit in much less pain. Noah made certain that pain never returned. Noah and his team crafted a treatment plan that successfully addressed my specific issues. Very attentive. Very caring. Very skilled. Success!!

    Jo-Ann V.

  • I was experiencing pain and less range of motion for several months prior to coming to therapy. I stopped exercising all together which was depressing as it is a major stress reliever and outlet for me. I am happy with my therapy at APM. It was very individualized to my specific needs and situation. I am now exercising again – working towards getting back to my KB class. An unexpected benefit is that my posture is changing and my ENTIRE Body is getting stronger in a way that is supporting my global functionality in my life. Thank you APM!

    Jennifer S.

  • I first came to APM with glute pain that was making it difficult for me to stay in shape for my job as a firefighter. The staff at APM was extremely helpful and nice. After only a few visits, I started to notice an improvement. Now, I am pain-free & in better shape. Thank you APM!

    Jason G.

  • Lower abs were weak after umbilical hernia surgery. Abs are now A-OK. Great experience and everyone was so helpful.

    James R.

  • Isham Mohamed

    I was involved in a car accident and had trouble sitting or laying down due to back pain. After PT, I no longer feel any pain. Noah and his team did a good job fixing me up. Thank you.

    Isham M.

  • Greg Danhoff

    I came in with upper back pain + within 2 weeks pain was gone and back to normal. Noah + staff are great.

    Greg D.

  • Greg Adams

    I injured my left shoulder during bench press workouts. The injury limited my mobility and I was experiencing significant pain when lifting weight and in normal lateral arm movements. I was referred to Noah for evaluation and ultimately, the implementation of corrective therapy. My therapy sessions were conducted three times/week over almost 3 weeks. Noah and his team did an outstanding job in treatment and I’m going to exercise and stretching regimen. At the end of my therapy, I was virtually pain-free with unrestricted mobility. My experience with Noah and team was excellent and I would recommend them without reservation.

    Greg A.

  • I could not bend my right knee. Could not play basketball, yard work and normal daily functions were nearly impossible to do. After working with the staff here I am able to do all daily functions. I am able to do shooting & dribbling with basketball. Actual play is probably still a few weeks away. I am being very conservative in my approach to playing.

    I am beyond satisfied with my experience here, and will definitely recommend staff to anyone who inquires.

    Gilbert B.

  • Gail George

    I am a physical therapist and I spent months after a significant back injury trying to deal with my pain – I was hesitant to trust another PT to assist me but I knew I needed help to address my back pain. Noah was a savior – he is a skilled manual PT and his “can-do” spirit kept me motivated and I am happy to say I am much better thanks to his help and help from the staff.

    Gail G.

  • Frank Ross

    Before coming to APM, I had pain in my lower back and left side of my neck. With controlled electrified shock and specific exercises, I was able to improve my mobility, as my pain diminished in both areas.

    Frank R.

  • Frank Rinaldi

    My problem was with my left shoulder. There were certain moves that I couldn’t accomplish because of soreness. My exercises consisted of weightlifting, yoga, and martial arts stretching. Since I completed my PT with APM, my shoulder feels much better. The treatment I received was excellent. The staff was excellent. Great quality of service. Thanks guys.

    Frank R.

  • Espinoza Sisters

    We are sisters. We play multiple sports – primary is soccer. We both came in with knee pain and having to wear braces. Litycia right knee and Rienna left knee, we came in and worked with Noah and his staff for 3 months. We had the tens unit, needles, massage, and the gym. Then we also had exercises to do at home. Now we can play without having to wear our knee braces and the strength building helped the pain. We have “graduated” from PT but still come in for “tune-ups” after long tournaments! Thank you everyone… L&R

    Espinoza S.

  • Ellie O'Donnell

    My second time doing PT (instead of drugs). Very satisfied with the results! My life is now back to normal thanks to Applied Physical Therapy and your experienced staff!

    Ellie O.

  • I had a great experience with everyone that worked with me in my therapy. Everyone was caring and professional from the front desk to the folks in the treatment department.

    Edilma P.

  • Danielle Hagedorn

    After 8+ months of pain in my glutes and back, and not being able to squat/deadlift at all, I was feeling helpless and about to give up. After ONE week of therapy, I felt like a different person and can squat again! I got drastically better with every visit and can finally do the things I love again. I could not be happier with my results and the love and support I received here!

    Danielle H.

  • My experience here was excellent. Was having problems with a shoulder injury. My shoulder has been healed and became stronger. I feel like Noah and the staff are very friendly like family.

    Christopher M.

  • Thanks to Noah and his team I can move without pain. I am a part-time nail tech and I was having lots of pain trying to do pedicures. During the height, my lower back would spasm. With the exercises and therapy they provided I can now move without pain! Thank you APM!

    Christie T.

  • Chris Knapp

    After my car accident, I had upper back and neck pains. The neck pains caused a lot of sleepless nights. Thanks to the APM staff and Noah’s magic hands caressing my body, my back/neck feels much better and I am able to sleep soundly.

    Chris K.

  • Cathy Olswing

    After several years of lumbar epidural is for degenerative discs in my lower back, it went into sciatica. Not able to get another injection for several months, I panicked. I am a walker and had several trips coming up. So I called APM to see if they could help me. This was the best decision! Not only was I able to go on all of my trips pain-free, I am back to my morning walks in Sabino Canyon.

    Cathy O.

  • Cassandra Galvaz

    Before starting my therapy with Cara, I could not squat and/or lunge without hip and IT band pain. Cara helped me diagnose the issue and helped me strengthen the muscles that were contributing to my pain. Now I can squat an exercise pain-free. Thanks to everyone here at APM!

    Cassandra G.

  • I have chronic neck, shoulder, and low back pain for as long as I can remember in adulthood. After a day of dusting my right neck pain worsened which isn’t unusual for me. However, the pain accelerated after several days to the point where I couldn’t sleep, not even in a recliner. The pain was constant & sharp & after about a month extended into my right ear & right eye. I made an appointment with a neurosurgeon who, after my neck CT & MRI & head CT showed nothing too serious, prescribed PT for me.

    I have found the staff here to all be extremely friendly & knowledgeable, and my pain is now returned to its pre-injury level. The pain was so bad before PT that it affected all activity levels. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing their skills.

    Carole K.

  • I was not able to lay down face up with my hands behind my head because my left shoulder would be in constant pain. And my left hand would go numb all day long for no reason. Through P.T. the numbness has subsided significantly and I can lay down with my hands behind my head pain-free!

    Carmen A.

  • Callen S.

    Everyone here is awesome. Came in after my second shoulder injury in the Academy couldn’t do anything with my left shoulder. Coming here helped get that mobility back. Definitely, my number one choice if I ever need anything again.

    Callen S.

  • Betty Shelby

    Again you all did a great job in getting me back in shape. I came in with pain in the left shoulder and very restricted movement. Thanks to you all – great job.

    Betty S.

  • I came to PT because I have (chronically) bad knees, and I was concerned that my mobility was decreasing and my pain was increasing. My doctor suggested I try PT to improve the situation. I had met Noah at a health fair at work, and had previously come here for a free 30 min evaluation. But I did my homework before selecting APM, because it was not a convenient location to work or home. I read lots of reviews from 3 different sources, and was intrigued by the fact that APM was consistently rated high, no negative reviews, and many mentioned that Noah was great or even bordering on miraculous.

    So I came and met with Noah and was impressed by his positive, encouraging attitude and by his willingness to meet me where I was and work with me. (At that point I was feeling discouraged and at times hopeless.) But Noah helped flip that feeling and got me back on track.

    I have been to PT several times before and I believe that at least 50% of the healing comes from keeping up the spirit to persevere. All the staff here have been great at that, and very respectful, and this point is not lost on me.

    So I still have pain but the trend is reversed. Instead of getting worse, I believe it can gradually get better or at least get to a more manageable level.

    Importantly, I have learned strategies for stretching and strengthening that I can take forward, and I intend to do so. I do have more “good days” now with my knees and look forward to that continuing.

    Thanks for everything. I’ve already recommended you to two people. See you in a few months.

    Ardis H.

  • Antonio Ubach

    I was referred to Noah by a local gym. We were trying to address my hip issues. Noah quickly identified the problem, recommended corrective action and had me back training in no time. Noah and his team are world class healers. Will be back to maintain the feeling of being strong every day. Thank you!

    Antonio U.

  • Anna Mello

    Knee replacement. Able to move much better – not so much pain. Back much better. I am walking and bending so much better. Everyone here is so wonderful, this has helped me feel better. Great to be around people who are happy. It rubs off! Thanks to each one of you. God bless.

    Anna M.

  • It’s been a great experience. I can now move my neck without any pain. People are great and very supportive. They also explain the exercises and why I do them. Great place if you need Physical Therapy.

    Ann V.

  • I came in with abdominal pain while deadlifting. After 3 quick sessions with the therapists, the pain was eliminated and I’m back to lifting heavy and pain-free!

    Amber S.

  • Alicia Brown

    When I hobble through the doors my first day, I was met with friendly helpful staff. I had to cut my honeymoon short and spend the time icing and heating my back and a recliner. I thought that I would never get to sleep in my bed again. My lower back pain was so intense I was limited to sitting or hobbling through the house with my new best friend, “Kane.“

    After my very first visit, I noticed positive changes and with consistent visits I was able to get back to normal. I can sleep in my own bed and walk my awesome dog again. I can’t say enough positive things about EVERYONE here. Thank you for teaching me how to get back on my feet and thank you for all the great encouragement and fun conversations w/every visit. You are the BEST!

    Alicia B.

  • The team at APM has helped me to grow stronger and loosen up my legs. They used to ache really badly before but now they aren’t an issue.

    Aleks K.

  • I was rear-ended, and after my back hurt so bad I couldn’t do basic activities at home or work. After the help of all the amazing people here I’m back to my normal and “too flexible” life. Thank you all, shout out to Lalo for not making me do the BBB 🙂

    Abrianna O.

  • I was having mobility issues due to strenuous Brazilian Ju Jitsu training. At the recommendation of my strength trainer Jesus Acuña I came to APM. Within two months, after having pain on and off for three years, my shoulder felt renewed and one hundred percent functional. Thank you!

    Aaron B.

  • I have worked as a Registered Nurse for about 15 years now and am extremely aware of how important body mechanics are when performing as a nurse. However, no matter how cautious you are, 15 years of nursing does cause some wear and tear on the body. I started working with Noah Abrahams in the Emergency Department approximately three years ago as a co-worker. I heard over and over by patients that he treated how wonderful he was/is. Several co-workers had worked with him in a patient/therapist setting and also gave rave reviews. I had been suffering from sciatic type pain intermittently for years but it was only in the past 2 years that it was really affecting my job. Everyday activities were now causing excruciating pain and patients were noticing my discomfort at work. I approached Noah Abrahams for evaluation and treatment of this sciatic type pain. He in the past year has given me back a sense of control. I very rarely have a sciatic flare up; when I do I have been taught how to relieve the pain myself. I can now go to work and know that I can perform my job without dreading every bend and turn. Not only has he been able to provide rehabilitative therapy for my sciatic pain but he has also been helping me to maintain my back health/strength. Over the past year, my treatments have been progressively more preventative verse rehabilitative. Noah Abrahams has instructed me on strengthening exercises and stretches to maintain entire spine/back health. He understands that my life is occasionally stressful and that I tend to carry my stress in my back, causing shoulder, upper back, and neck discomfort. He evaluates and adjusts our sessions dependent on what is going on in my life; some days it is dry needling, or manual manipulation of spine and muscles and on really stressful days, its strengthening excises and stretching. I get personalized treatment every day. Noah Abrahams has also adjusted session times dependent on changes in my life; during periods of increased stress, we go to two sessions a week, during relaxed easy going times and its back to once a week. Noah Abrahams is also available for that emergency session on days that I did something wrong; had to wrestle some 200+ pound patient, pulled up a 400-pound patient one too many times or just had my son jump on me wrong. Noah Abrahams is a phone call away and is always willing to help.

    KS, RN.

  • I was in pain and had dysfunction that started in my upper back and went into my neck and arm. I had tried multiple modalities to try to restore the function and alleviate the pain, to no avail. I called Noah as an attempt to find some sanity and relief. Noah told me I was likely to have some marginal improvement but it would probably take more than just a couple treatments to get a substantial benefit. Noah needled my body on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and did some manual manipulation and active release. Honestly I didn’t feel much better immediately after. It was days before I started noticing the results, but once I did the results- marginal at first became profound. Suddenly I could turn my neck without pain; the range of motion was greatly increased. My left side started to “wake up” and I noticed the effects of chiropractic care were much more pronounced as my adjustments held much longer after his treatment. It’s difficult to describe the gift Noah’s care has given me, but he has put me on the path to healing and my pain is gone, my function on my left side is coming back. HUGE improvements after 1 year of hitting my head against the wall in only a few treatments. The only downside is Noah is too far from where I live in California to treat me regularly. I recommend Noah’s service and knowledge without reservation; he not only is great at his profession but is caring and intelligent in his approach.


  • Thank you so much for all you have done. I’m back to competition form and I have you to thank for that. My hip feels amazing and I cannot wait to take the mound again and prove what I’m capable of. Your knowledge and expertise are more than I could have asked for. I will without a doubt come to you when/if ever needed again and would recommend anyone to do the same. Again, thank you and I wish you the best of luck!

    Ryan P.

  • I’ve been dealing with nagging tendinitis in my left elbow for almost 2 years. I have seen 2 different physical therapists, been on 2 different anti-inflammatory plans, and have seen an acupuncturist. Nothing seemed to work. My elbow never got better. I have been seeing Noah at Applied Physical Medicine for a few weeks now, and my elbow hasn’t felt this good in years. I am thoroughly impressed with the work Noah has been doing for me. He saw the big picture! Thanks to his knowledge and skills, my elbow feels great. I would recommend Noah and APM to anyone.

    WS, RN.

  • Ben K.

    As a professional triathlete, recovery and injury prevention is very important to me. I have been to a number of massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists from around the world, and I take choosing my recovery team very seriously. I always look forward to visiting Dr. Noah Abrahams and his team at Applied Physical Medicine + Tygiel Physical Therapy in Tucson – he has one of the best practices that I have been to. I have personally worked with Noah for a couple of years now – he gets me in last minute and he has never let me leave his office if I was not feeling better. I highly recommend him for injury prevention or treatment of any physical ailment. This year, thanks to his help and care, I placed 2nd at the Tongyeong World Cup in South Korea US Olympic Team, Rio 2016.

    Ben Kanute, US Olympic Team, Rio 2016