Physical Therapy: Five Things To Know

//Physical Therapy: Five Things To Know

Physical Therapy: Five Things To Know

Five Things to Know about Your Physical Therapy


  1. While there are common recommendations for most joint and muscle issues (we call them “protocols” in the health care biz), each person has different needs and abilities. This means that a “one size fits all” approach not only could miss the mark, but ultimately cause more harm than good.


  1. Yes, we will teach you exercises to do at home. This isn’t the same thing as just doing them at home and not seeing a physical therapist and this is why: our bodies are amazing machines, and if one part is weak or isn’t working right, other parts will automatically try to compensate. Your physical therapist will target movement and help guide you to strengthen the areas you need to have stronger. For a list of exercises which you can start doing at home, please have a look at our instructional physical therapy exercise videos:


  1. Chances are, your physical therapist reads. A LOT. Advances in medicine are happening with blinding speed these days, and your physical therapist is likely following new techniques and studies with great interest. Once a new strategy has been shown to have good results, your physical therapist may choose to add it to your prescribed program.


  1. You might have some soreness, but physical therapy shouldn’t cause severe pain. This is another reason that completing and following up with your personal course of physical therapy is so important. If you’ve learned exercises to do at home, and they hurt when you do them, call your physical therapist. You could be doing them too intensely, too often, or even in the wrong way.


  1. In Arizona, you can decide to see a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral. If you think you could benefit from a course of physical therapy, (check out the rest of our website for common conditions and issues we treat) all you need to do is call us for an appointment.
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