Physical Therapy as an Investment

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Physical Therapy as an Investment

Physical Therapy as an Investment

Consider, for a moment, that your body is the only one you’re likely to ever have. Sure, modern medicine is able to replace lost or damaged parts when needed, but as a whole, your physical frame is the one thing you will have your whole life. This is where Physical Therapy comes in.

I have said before (possibly in a previous blog) that if I had known that the recklessness of my youth would result in the maladies of middle age, I might have made different choices. Does that sound familiar? Anyone? Surely someone else has experienced the stiffness of a long ago badly sprained ankle or the twitch of arthritis in a formerly broken wrist.

At the risk of sounding like one of those despicable infomercials…There is help out there! Please allow me to explain.

While our health care systems in the United States tend to be focused solely on curing the sick and caring for the injured, there is a less well known strategy afoot that can help keep you more functional for longer, and with less pain.

Applied Physical Medicine will work with you to develop a physical therapy maintenance program. We do an outstanding job of helping people recuperate from injury (seriously, read our reviews), but our physical therapists are also qualified and capable of building an individualized program that helps you to keep you performing your best. Those of you who are avid sports enthusiasts (bicyclists, runners, hikers, weightlifters, and so on) are missing out on a strategy that could take your performance farther than before.

Let me put it like this: If you knew you would only have one car your whole life, you’d take the time to make sure it was properly maintained, wouldn’t you? Or would you only take it to the mechanic when something broke down, hoping that the parts are still available for that model? I didn’t think so. Call us.

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