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Fall Prevention & Balance Rehab

Lydia N.

Here they do work as a team! Extremely great with patients, they give you personal attention. The team is great.

The fear of falling is a devastating reality for a lot of our geriatric clients. As we age our system becomes less efficient and ‘righting the ship’ becomes more difficult– falls tend to increase. Approximately 10% of all emergency room visits are fall-related. Our goal is to help you become more comfortable on your feet and lessen the risk of falling. Our Tucson physical therapists will utilize numerous types of cutting-edge modalities to decrease your fear of falling while increasing your quality of life.

If you are leaning too far forward or have a shuffled gait, it is difficult to prevent yourself from falling. Our walking analysis program works hand-in-hand with fall prevention. The treatment approach will include functional activities and gait training, which will be combined with a home exercise program to guarantee long-term results. Contact Applied Physical Medicine for an appointment at Tucson, AZ .