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Therapeutic Exercise

Sally G.

I can’t tell you how much this has helped me, just in my general well being. I am more limber and have more energy. I just feel healthier. None of my functions were keeping me from doing whatever I wanted to do, but my ease of motion is much better, too. Thank you Noah, Lalo, Matt, Dan, and Yolanda. You were great! So was Lee!

Sanford S.

For all these weeks I’ve been getting therapized here with the good folks at APM - Tygiel Physical Therapy “The pain“ you ask? Oh, there’s pain. Not physical pain. That’s gone now. What’s filling the dark void is emotional pain. Saying goodbye to the his wonderful caring people. They will be missed!

Shirley P.

The exercises were explained very well and they were there constantly to keep me safe. Lee started the visit just the way I like. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Frank R.

Before coming to APM, I had pain in my lower back and left side of my neck. With controlled electrified shock and specific exercises, I was able to improve my mobility, as my pain diminished in both areas.

Frank R.

My problem was with my left shoulder. There were certain moves that I couldn’t accomplish because of soreness. My exercises consisted of weightlifting, yoga, and martial arts stretching. Since I completed my PT with APM, my shoulder feels much better. The treatment I received was excellent. The staff was excellent. Great quality of service. Thanks guys.

Espinoza S.

We are sisters. We play multiple sports – primary is soccer. We both came in with knee pain and having to wear braces. We had the tens unit, needles, massage, and the gym. Then we also had exercises to do at home. Now we can play without having to wear our knee braces and the strength building helped the pain.

Ardis H.

I have learned strategies for stretching and strengthening that I can take forward, and I intend to do so. I do have more “good days” now with my knees and look forward to that continuing.

Ann V.

It’s been a great experience. I can now move my neck without any pain. People are great and very supportive. They also explain the exercises and why I do them. Great place if you need Physical Therapy.


I have worked as a Registered Nurse for about 15 years now and am extremely aware of how important body mechanics are when performing as a nurse. However, no matter how cautious you are, 15 years of nursing does cause some wear and tear on the body. He in the past year has given me back a sense of control.

When you say the words “physical therapy” most people automatically assume you have had surgery. Yet Tucson physical therapy goes beyond post-surgical care restoring strength, endurance, flexibility and stability to people who have been injured, are in pain, or have experienced an illness. Through therapeutic exercise, it is possible to have your function restored and live a life that is pain-free. Contact us to schedule your appointment and find out how we can relieve your pain.

What is therapeutic exercise?

The goal of any exercise program is to leave you feeling healthier and stronger than when you began. Therapeutic exercise has similar goals, but incorporates a wide range of activities that help you regain or maintain your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, or stability. Whether you have been injured, experienced an illness, or are simply noticing you are losing your physical abilities, therapeutic exercise can prevent impairment and disability while improving your overall fitness. Typically performed as a part of a physical therapy treatment plan, this type of exercise is prescribed by a physical therapist.

Types of Therapeutic Exercises

Each therapeutic exercise is classified by its purpose.

  • Range of Motion – These exercises are aimed at increasing the range of motion in your joints and soft tissues. This may be done through active, passive or assisted stretching activities designed to help your joints move better, without pain.
  • Muscle Performance – Increasing power, endurance, and muscle strength are vital to good balance and stability as well as bone and joint health. Resistance exercises and endurance exercises are designed to increase muscle strength without injury.
  • Posture – Hours spent at desks, bending over keyboards, poor muscle tone, or simple habit can all lead to terrible posture. What you may not realize is that posture has a direct impact on muscle strength, balance and a tendency toward injury. Posture exercises are aimed at correcting poor posture, not just when you exercise, but in your life in general which can alleviate aches and pains.
  • Balance & Coordination – Every time you stand or sit, bones and muscles work in conjunction with one another to help you remain upright. Every time you stand, walk, sit, brush your teeth, cook a meal, or take care of your daily activities, you are testing your coordination between the muscular and skeletal systems in your body. Your ability to care for yourself or your loved ones depends on your ability to balance and the coordination of your arms, legs, hands, and feet. That is why balance and coordination exercises are so important, especially after an injury or illness. If you cannot balance, if you lose coordination, you lose the ability to care for yourself.
  • Relaxation – Relaxation is part of therapeutic exercise? You bet! While it is important to work the muscles, joints, and soft tissues in the body, it is also important to help them relax. Pain relieving techniques including heat, cold, electrical stimulation, massage, or trigger point therapy can all help the body relax, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, and keep you coming back for more exercise!
  • Area Specific Exercises – It’s easy to think of exercise as something we do with our muscles, but it is also important to help the body’s other systems. In these cases, exercises that target breathing or circulation may be recommended to help speed healing, improve blood flow or lower stress on the body.

How does therapeutic exercise relieve pain?

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise when you are in pain. After all, the last thing you want to do when you are uncomfortable is make yourself more uncomfortable. Yet when you treat pain with medication and rest, you are only allowing the supporting muscles to weaken, causing greater pain and less functionality of the area. A Tucson physical therapist is trained to evaluate your body’s function, strength and range of motion as well as your pain levels when you perform basic tasks. They can then create a customized treatment plan, including therapeutic exercise, that can strengthen weak areas, restore function to healing or surgically repaired joints, and reduce your overall pain levels. Not only can you experience a pain-free life, but you can also do so with greater strength and endurance than before. Still curious how physical therapy services and therapeutic exercise can help you? Let us conduct an evaluation and help you get on the road to recovery. We are available at Tucson, AZ center.