Piriformis Syndrome and Your Butt

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Piriformis Syndrome and Your Butt

Chances are you have heard the term “piriformis syndrome” if you’re reading our blog right now. It’s a lovely term to describe a not-so-lovely assortment of symptoms.

Bear with me here: the piriformis muscle alone isn’t a problem. It’s a small, flat, pyramid-shaped muscle (piri-pyramid, formis-shape) located in the general area of your pelvis and your hip joint. It lies almost parallel to your gluteus maximus (The large muscle affectionately called, among other things, your butt). It’s a muscle that is important for flexibility and to assist the entire group of muscles and tendons in the hip area.

When this muscle becomes inflamed or irritated, usually due to prolonged sitting (Anyone? Hello? Truck drivers? Computer programmers? Dispatchers? ) it can cause a problem by compressing the sciatic nerve. Mostly what you need to know about this is that it can cause severe pain and problems with moving normally. It can also cause problems with walking and balance. The type of shoes you wear and your overall body mechanics can affect these changes too. As someone who drives a lot with a history of piriformis syndrome, I definitely notice it on long treks. The pain can be unrelenting. And do I really need to be distracted by pain when I am driving?

Oh My Gosh Do I Need Surgery?

The good news is that you probably won’t need surgery. In fact, a large number of people are able to obtain long term relief without drugs in just a handful of sessions with our physical therapy team.

A thorough and professional assessment from our team is the first step to relief for you. By talking with you about your work and your daily habits, we are able to develop a treatment plan that works for you. Together we can help ensure long term progress with a painful problem.

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