PT for Life

What is PT for life?

PT for life is a program focused on the health of APM patients who have demonstrated a dedication to their own health. They have strived to be as healthy as possible, through compliance with physical therapy, but also with a desire to learn more about general health.

What will I learn in PT for life?

In PT for life you will learn everything from what exercises to do for back pain, neck pain, and all other physical therapy-based treatments. But it goes further than that. We will also teach out about the following:

  • Concierge v membership v traditional medicine
  • PRP, Stem cell, Prolo
  • How to strength train as you age
  • Nutritional and hydration advice
  • Much, much more at these MONTHLY(+) workshops at APM

What else is in PT for life?

There are discounts and perks available for PT 4 life members at shoe stores, doctors offices, food prep providers, gym memberships, and of course, laser and massage at APM.

What’s the catch?

No catch, just stay healthy and continue to thrive. Oh, and of course, stay dedicated to your physical health.


Click the dates below for more information and registration details for each workshop!

  • Next workshop date TBD