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Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive Motion Injuries or Occupational Overuse Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are injuries we tend not to think about, especially if it’s one that happens gradually. It is also (usually) hardly noticeable when our bodies are at rest.

It’s important, though, not to ignore the effects of repetitive tasks on our overall function.

If you work in an industry or at a specific job that requires you to do the same physical motions with your body over and over, chances are, over time, you may experience what professionals like to call, “repetitive motion syndrome”.

While there are common terms to describe these injuries (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, writer’s cramp), the treatments and causes vary widely by occupation and by individual.

Simply put, over time, our body parts can break down when a single set of muscles, tendons, and joints are overused. This can cause a problem for us in our chosen profession, not to mention the inconvenience and discomfort of the injury itself.

It may surprise you to learn that it isn’t just tennis player, golfers, and writers who experience these type of injuries. Surgeons, dentists, and tattoo artists can experience soreness and cramping while clutching the tools needed for their work. Nurses, CNA’s and EMT’s often complain of back pain because of the lifting and twisting that is required for the work they do. Construction workers, warehouse employees, restaurant servers, and farmers experience these injuries as well. It is fair to say that there isn’t an industry or job where repetitive motion injury ISN’T a possibility.

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