December 3rd, 2018

I was in pain and had dysfunction that started in my upper back and went into my neck and arm. I had tried multiple modalities to try to restore the function and alleviate the pain, to no avail. I called Noah as an attempt to find some sanity and relief. Noah told me I was likely to have some marginal improvement but it would probably take more than just a couple treatments to get a substantial benefit. Noah needled my body on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and did some manual manipulation and active release. Honestly I didn’t feel much better immediately after. It was days before I started noticing the results, but once I did the results- marginal at first became profound. Suddenly I could turn my neck without pain; the range of motion was greatly increased. My left side started to “wake up” and I noticed the effects of chiropractic care were much more pronounced as my adjustments held much longer after his treatment. It’s difficult to describe the gift Noah’s care has given me, but he has put me on the path to healing and my pain is gone, my function on my left side is coming back. HUGE improvements after 1 year of hitting my head against the wall in only a few treatments. The only downside is Noah is too far from where I live in California to treat me regularly. I recommend Noah’s service and knowledge without reservation; he not only is great at his profession but is caring and intelligent in his approach.