December 3rd, 2018

I have worked as a Registered Nurse for about 15 years now and am extremely aware of how important body mechanics are when performing as a nurse. However, no matter how cautious you are, 15 years of nursing does cause some wear and tear on the body. I started working with Noah Abrahams in the Emergency Department approximately three years ago as a co-worker. I heard over and over by patients that he treated how wonderful he was/is. Several co-workers had worked with him in a patient/therapist setting and also gave rave reviews. I had been suffering from sciatic type pain intermittently for years but it was only in the past 2 years that it was really affecting my job. Everyday activities were now causing excruciating pain and patients were noticing my discomfort at work. I approached Noah Abrahams for evaluation and treatment of this sciatic type pain. He in the past year has given me back a sense of control. I very rarely have a sciatic flare up; when I do I have been taught how to relieve the pain myself. I can now go to work and know that I can perform my job without dreading every bend and turn. Not only has he been able to provide rehabilitative therapy for my sciatic pain but he has also been helping me to maintain my back health/strength. Over the past year, my treatments have been progressively more preventative verse rehabilitative. Noah Abrahams has instructed me on strengthening exercises and stretches to maintain entire spine/back health. He understands that my life is occasionally stressful and that I tend to carry my stress in my back, causing shoulder, upper back, and neck discomfort. He evaluates and adjusts our sessions dependent on what is going on in my life; some days it is dry needling, or manual manipulation of spine and muscles and on really stressful days, its strengthening excises and stretching. I get personalized treatment every day. Noah Abrahams has also adjusted session times dependent on changes in my life; during periods of increased stress, we go to two sessions a week, during relaxed easy going times and its back to once a week. Noah Abrahams is also available for that emergency session on days that I did something wrong; had to wrestle some 200+ pound patient, pulled up a 400-pound patient one too many times or just had my son jump on me wrong. Noah Abrahams is a phone call away and is always willing to help.