compression and recovery Tucson, AZ

Compression & Recovery

It is common that someone who cares a lot about their fitness will read dozens of books on training methods, they will pay thousands of dollars for training camps, equipment, and coaches, they will work out for hours every weekbut they probably don’t spend one-tenth of that effort on their recovery plan. Why? We know that proper recovery helps to reduce fatigue, enhance performance, and reduce chances of injury… but because recovery isn’t as “sexy” as training or competing, it doesn’t make the cover of a magazine. There is not a lot of shared knowledge out there and it is hard to know what to do to recover effectively. It’s hard to find information except in medical journals.

Fortunately, we have a passion for researching the science in this field, and we keep ourselves well-informed on what is working best at medical institutions and recovery centers around the country. At Applied Physical Medicine, we incorporate traditional recovery methods (active recovery, stretching, and massage) with cutting-edge modalities like Class IV Laser, multi-stage compression, cold compression, and more. We have been building recovery programs for elite and professional athletes for years, and the results we help our patients achieve have helped us build our reputation as the #1 option for Elite Athlete Wellness. In fact, the demand has been so high for these services that we are expanding operations!

Introducing Tucson Sports Recovery

Coming in early 2019, we are very excited to launch the first Tucson Sports Recovery center: This state-of-the-art location will be housed inside the new Tucson, AZ Strength weightlifting facility, and will incorporate all of the treatment options mentioned above as well as cryo and IR therapy chambers. More information can be found here.