Post-Surgical Rehab

Do you want to bounce back from surgery better than ever—or at least as good as you were before it? With the help of a customized pre-surgical and post-surgical rehab program, you can do exactly that. Our experienced and highly skilled team of Tucson physical therapy providers is here to guide you through the entire pre-surgery and post-surgery process. Contact us anytime to find out how our physical therapists can help you after surgery.

What Is Post-Surgical Rehab?

Post-surgical rehab is a major part of your recovery process following your surgery. If your doctor told you that you need surgery, you may be worried and anxious about the process. However, the good news is that you can do several things to make it much smoother and easier as you recover.

One of the most critical components of any surgical recovery is physical therapy. Every surgery affects the body differently, and even fairly minor surgical procedures can have a major impact. Therefore, it’s important to recover from that damage in a proactive way.

Causes Of Major Surgery Today

Some of the most common surgeries today include full or partial knee replacement, heart surgery, and ACL repair. No matter what the surgery may be, you can rely upon physical therapy to help you get moving again.

Most surgeries cause at least some level of pain, inflammation, restricted movement, and swelling. You might have been dealing with some of those symptoms already, and in fact, pain is usually the main cause of surgery today.

Following your surgery, you’ll have to learn to do some things all over again, the right way. Simple tasks like dressing, walking, sitting, and standing may all require a special approach. Your physical therapist is ready to help you learn how to do these things safely and without pain.

Your doctor will give you a list of post-surgery guidelines, and some of them may seem impossible. For example, if you’re told to bear no weight on your knee at all, it might seem far too difficult to avoid that. Sometimes, your doctor may also give you very complex instructions that don’t make much sense, for example, telling you to adhere to posterior hip precautions.

Following these instructions is much easier with the help of an expert in the recovery field, and that’s exactly what your physical therapist is there to do. Your post-surgical rehabilitation program is specially designed to help you through every facet of recovery, from understanding confusing medical terms to learning the right exercises to bear weight safely when you’re ready.

How Physical Therapy Helps In Post-Surgical Rehab

Your post-surgical rehab program has many benefits for you. One of the biggest benefits of post-surgical rehab is that you won’t have to use pain medication as much while you recover. When you’re in physical therapy, you’re giving your body the tools it needs to support its own natural healing, and that means you’ll have less need to rely on pharmaceutical pain relief.

One of the biggest hurdles many people face when they’re recovering from surgery is that they have impaired movement. Adjusting to moving with an entire part of your body being immobile or only partially mobile takes some time and effort, but your physical therapist can help.

Physical therapy teaches you a new normal: the new and safe way to do things. You’ll learn how to stand, walk, and do other basic things without risking re-injury.

Building strength is an important benefit of any post-surgical rehab program. You’ll do specific strength-training exercises that allow you to develop better muscle support. You may even find that you’re in better shape than you were before surgery if you follow all of your physical therapist’s guidelines to the letter.

Our Tucson physical therapists are ready to make your post-surgery recovery smooth, comfortable, and easy to understand. Book an appointment today at Tucson, AZ center to learn more about how our physical therapy program can help enhance your health and wellness!