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Dry needling is a science-based needling modality that emphasizes aberrant tissue behavior, not a meridian paradigm. The treatment of both homeostatic points and clinical points aid in tissue restructuring. This is not acupuncture, and Dr. Abrahams is not a licensed acupuncturist. He will refer his patients to a local acupuncturist if acupuncture may benefit the patient.

Manipulation is a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust dedicated to freeing up trapped synovial fluid, correcting dysfunctional motion segments, releasing hypertonic musculature, and allowing periarticular tissues to move properly. Chiropractic adjustments follow the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) paradigm, which emphasizes movement of osseous (bone) tissue by adjusting it. If this treatment is deemed appropriate, Dr. Abrahams will gladly refer you to a local chiropractor with whom he works.

With weak muscles comes the inability to hold certain postures. With specialized Kinesiology Tape, we can disrupt the poor mechanics that are causing a patient’s pain. Neuromuscular re-education, coupled with facilitation and inhibition of certain musculature, will correct abnormal postural mechanics.
Long-term change comes by therapeutic exercise. This will be the staple of your quest for lifelong change. A specialized program targeting both specific corrective exercise and generalized activity will be constructed to optimize a patient’s results.
Soft tissue mobilization (STM) — active release of soft tissues and other soft tissue techniques — will be utilized to restructure your system and alleviate your symptoms. Tool-assisted STM is generally for the athlete. This will be coupled with other modalities to allow a patient’s function to be nothing short of elite.
Preventing an injury is an active choice, based on activity modification. This is a solid foundation, but if a client is wreaking havoc on his/her body 40 hours a week, gains will be slowed.

If your employees are routinely getting injured and require time off, that is clearly costing you both money and customers. Allowing Dr. Abrahams to evaluate your business is a step in streamlining your small business.

All clients are different. That being said, most people with acute conditions will respond well with 6-8 treatment sessions. Chronic conditions will usually take 4-6 sessions per year of having the symptoms.
Clients are encouraged to visit the Services section of the navigation bar. This will specifically answer any questions regarding the Elite Athlete,Rehab and Concierge treatment.